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Have you guys heard about California’s recent law banning discrimination based on hairstyle? The CROWN act, which passed in the California State Assembly and Senate, is the first such law in the United States—and it’s about time! Nobody should worry about not getting hired because of their hair’s natural texture or style. As a licensed stylist in Natural Hairstyling, my hope is that this will encourage people to embrace their hair’s natural state and their own preferences. There are many protective styles that promote healthy hair, look fantastic, and allow a person to express themselves. Nobody should feel forced into a harmful treatment laden with worrisome chemicals like formaldehyde or lye just because they’re worried about being judged for something as personal as hair. There are beautiful styling options (such as braiding), as well as healthier keratin treatments (if you so choose), that are healthier while looking just as good.

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Winter Hat Hair: Classic French Braids

The winter can do some damage to our hair for condition and appearance, so it’s important to wear protective hairstyles during the season. In this post, I show how to create a winter hairstyle that protects the hair, keeps it out of the face, and stays put! The French braid is a tighter, less exposed finish versus the Summer popular Dutch braids/boxer braids which are inverted. I did the classic French Braid on a client recently prior to her soccer practice, and her mom came back and reported that the braid lasted for three whole days!

Tools you’ll need:



Elastic hair ties

Detangler/ leave in conditioner


Watch the video for your guide of the winter hat approved style of the classic French braid!

Our winter fun activities included having fun in upstate New York walking around on snow covered trails, antique shopping in New Paltz, and warming up at the cozy bed and breakfast called Audrey’s Farmhouse.Audrey’s Farmhouse

There are many braided styles that can be worn during the winter and I love them all! The French braid can be shaped into a crown, a single side style, or a single middle style. The classic can have many variations!

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Winter Hat Hair: Turned into Classic French Braids