The Nutcracker: Shafter Symphony Orchestra & Civic Dance Center — Central Beauty

Co-written by Julie Tortorici For our December episode of Central Beauty, I wanted to revisit my holiday tradition: seeing “The Nutcraker.” I’ve seen this classic everywhere from New York to Hawaii, but there’s nothing like seeing it in my hometown of Bakersfield at the Mechanics Bank Theater- what made it even better THIS year was […]

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Rose Episode: Wasco Roses, Garden District Flowers, and SKIN: Esthetics — Central Beauty

Co-Written by Julie Tortorici It’s finally here: The Rose Episode! I have been looking forward to this episode since creating Central Beauty. Who doesn’t love flowers? And let’s be honest, roses are the queen of the blooms! There’s no better place to start than where these spectacular blossoms begin—a rose farm. I head to Wasco, California, home to 40% of the nation’s […]

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Episode 1: Split Ends Salon, House of Talula, and Village Fest — Central Beauty

Co-written by Julie Tortorici Anyone who knows anything about Bakersfield knows about the annual Village Fest at the Kern County Museum. 2019 marks the event’s 25thyear and it did not disappoint. 15 bands. 25 wineries. 60 breweries. 30 restaurants. My best advice: arrive hungry and thirsty. I couldn’t think of a better way to begin the […]

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Tru Skin and Body and The Breast Event of the Year, VIPink Event — Central Beauty

Bakersfield October 2019 In this episode of Central Beauty, I have the chance to attend VIPink: the Breast Event of the Year, hosted by Adventist Health (Bakersfield) and Adventist Health AIS Cancer Center. The color pink is synonymous with breast cancer awareness, so I wanted to make sure I showed my support, by highlighting the […]

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MAC Viva Glam Fund and Broadway Bares: Take Off

Co-written by Julie Tortorici

Hammerstein Ballroom, NY

Big news! This Sunday, lil ol’ me (along with my brushes) will be hopping on the train to do makeup for Broadway Bares: Take Off . Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS puts on this annual show, and this year I will be backstage at the Hammerstein Ballroom joining other makeup artists who are helping these incredible performers get ready for the stage.



As many of you know, I began my career as a makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics, and it just so happens that the MAC Viva Glam Fund is a presenting sponsor of the show. By the way, MAC Viva Glam is in its 25th year, and if you haven’t seen Winnie Harlow’s stunning recreation of the original campaign with RuPaul, go check it out. It’s gorgeous.

Want to join me on Sunday? Tickets are still available for Broadway Bares: Take Off. If you can’t make that, then consider treating yourself to a MAC Viva Glam Lipstick. Buying just one lipstick can contribute in a big way—100% of the proceeds goes to the Viva Glam Fund. For example, one lipstick purchase can provide a full meal to two homeless LGBTQ+ youth. That’s just beautiful! Click HERE to get more information about all the cool things the MAC Viva Glam Fund does and what organizations they work with!

See you on Sunday!

P.S.: This is not a sponsored post or anything… I just think both causes contribute to the world in a meaningful way.





Perfect Dress Sets Tone for Look: How will you complete your look?

How exciting is it to find that one dress that beat out all the other choices? Once the outfit is ready to go, then comes the next part: hair and makeup! It truly completes the look. It turns the outfit from special to spectacular! And if you’ve ever had the complete look, you know the feeling of glancing in the mirror or looking at photos and loving yourself. Loving the look and the memories that accompanied it.

This look started with just that- the dress. My client had this beautiful lavender dress she was planning on wearing, and I was prepared to give her the eyeshadows that complimented her skin and also the dress. I started off by shaping the contour of her crease on the eye, then filling in with lighter colors on the lid. Blending in darker tones on the outside corners, we lifted the eye in a way to keep them bright. We finished with her favorite part- false lashes!

To get this look or to start planning give us a call! I would love to help with your special occasion.

Morel Hair Design: 516.676.7644


Winter Hat Hair: Classic French Braids

The winter can do some damage to our hair for condition and appearance, so it’s important to wear protective hairstyles during the season. In this post, I show how to create a winter hairstyle that protects the hair, keeps it out of the face, and stays put! The French braid is a tighter, less exposed finish versus the Summer popular Dutch braids/boxer braids which are inverted. I did the classic French Braid on a client recently prior to her soccer practice, and her mom came back and reported that the braid lasted for three whole days!

Tools you’ll need:



Elastic hair ties

Detangler/ leave in conditioner


Watch the video for your guide of the winter hat approved style of the classic French braid!

Our winter fun activities included having fun in upstate New York walking around on snow covered trails, antique shopping in New Paltz, and warming up at the cozy bed and breakfast called Audrey’s Farmhouse.Audrey’s Farmhouse

There are many braided styles that can be worn during the winter and I love them all! The French braid can be shaped into a crown, a single side style, or a single middle style. The classic can have many variations!

If you’d like to have these styles for yourself or your little one (it makes getting ready in the mornings MUCH easier) you can book with me at Morel Hair Designs in Locust Valley! 516-676-7644.

Interested in other braids? I can do them!

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-Dutch braids/ Boxer braids

– Fishtail Braids

– 4 stranded braids

– Rope braids

– Braids with extensions

– Colored Braids

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– Cosama Braids

– Cornrows

– Ribbon Braids

Winter Hat Hair: Turned into Classic French Braids