Shop Sea Cliff for Valentine’s Day

The idea of Valentine’s Day can be somewhat daunting with regard to the necessity of a particular “Valentine” to share it with. In my experience, Valentine’s Day never lives up to the heightened expectations, no matter what fancy reservation or how big the teddy bear is. I do like this idea though- small businesses showing love to other small businesses, and in turn showing love to their customers. Here’s the deal: the stores on Sea Cliff Avenue in Sea Cliff, NY are joining together in giving discounts to their customers. If you shop at one store, you instantly get a discount at the other stores from February 7-17 (dates may vary for some stores). All you have to do is collect your Valentine card from one of the 10 participating stores once you’ve made your purchase, and continue shopping down Sea Cliff Avenue! The card has a list of the participating stores to make it easy.

What’s more is that on the 14th, Valentine’s Day, some of the stores will have special events or will be open later hours. Salon Solis is having a wonderful event with, myself, giving free lip demos, hors d’oeuvres, biomat sessions, and hair consultations! Kathleen DiResta is showcasing her beautiful jewelry and extending her hours that day. Metropolitan Bistro will have musical guest Josh Epstein playing. The whole block has gifts for everyone (and/or yourself because truly- you deserve it). These are the stores participating: Arata’s Deli, Bart’s Barber Shop, Deja Vu Consignment, Dreams East, Hook Life, K.DiResta Collective, Salon Solis, Sorella Designs, The Village Wine Merchant, and Village Green Antiques. And of course, don’t forget to check our local restaurants if they have any of their own specials and menus such as KC Gallaghers, Metropolitan Bistro, Musu, Oak Room Tavern, Sea Cliff Bistro, Still Partners, B.Browns Deli, and Tavern 227.

So whether you look at February 14th as Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness Day, you can really enjoy the community love here in Sea Cliff. If you haven’t already, definitely experience Sea Cliff Avenue and pop into a store you haven’t already. Make it fun…stop into all 10 of the stores listed on the Valentine card!


Back to School Makeup

There are a few products that I recommend grabbing during your “Back to School” shopping. Brushes, current foundation, sturdy lip product, and quality mascara.

Just riding my back back to school….
Brush Sets

Brushes play a key role in your makeup application. Brush sets are always a good deal because it’s a quick buy, cheap purchase, and convenient in your makeup kit. When shopping, be sure to choose a good brush set that will work with the type of makeup you will be doing. A good brush set will include a Foundation brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, and eyeliner brush. Foundation brushes are for your entire face and for products such as your liquid or powder foundation. You can also purchase a sponge separately if this should accommodate your foundation needs. Blush brushes are great because not only can you use them for your cheeks, but they are small enough to be used for bronzers and highlighters as well (Double Duty! $$$). “Eyeshadow brushes” is a very vague label; there are so many types! You want something that can place product on your lid, but also be soft and loose enough to blend if needed. Last, a firm angled brush for eyebrows and eyeliners. Just make sure if you’re using these brushes across multiple products, they are free from pigment of your last product application; for instance you don’t want to use black eyeliner with your angled brush then try to shape your brows with a light brown- Big no no! Unless you’re going for the Elvira look… which is totally ok in my book 😉 Here are some cost-friendly beginner brush sets from Ulta and Sephora:


High End Brushes

If you want really good quality brushes that are handmade, you can look at Kevyn Aucoin’s products, Marc Jacobs, and also MAC Cosmetics. I use mostly MAC brushes. These brushes are going to be generally more expensive because they are hand made and last longer. Once you use these brushes you can really notice the difference while applying the makeup and blending, but for a back to school or traveling set, the cheaper brushes may suffice for the beginning.

If you need guidance for which brushes are best for certain products, just message me and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. You can also schedule a lesson appointment with me and I can show you how to use them with your current product you have.

A close up of a few of my brushes for concealers, eyeshadows, blushes, powders, and blending. 


Make sure to get a good match of your foundation of your skin now. Do not try and guess what your skin color will be during the winter and buy ahead- wait until it is needed, then match and purchase when the season changes. Don’t forget the product you touch up with throughout the day though; whether it be blotting sheets or powders.

One of my favorite sheer foundations! 

With your lip products you want to have something that carries well in your backpack, so get something with good packaging. I like to get lip conditioners and lipsticks in tightly sealed packaging. I hate using lip conditioners or glosses that require me to use my finger to reapply- yuck! Between classes its quicker to just glide it on, close it up, and put it away cleanly! That’s what those little pockets are for anyways- right next to your pencils 😉


You want something that lasts all day that doesn’t smear around lunch time. My favorite right now is Haute & Naughty by MAC Cosmetics. It’s water resistant and there are two options where you can put a lot of product for a chunky heavy lash or minimal product for long separated lashes. Probably the best product for me since I’m indecisive and can stare at 5 choices of mascaras for 5 hours considering the pros and cons of each product. This one has the best of both worlds. 🙂

Thick lash
Thick and dramatic lash

Little product for long and separated lashes…

Hope this helps your shopping! Message or comment with any questions! 

Should I wear makeup to the beach?

When it comes to the beach and makeup, there are two types of people. There’s the “no sense in wearing any” type and then there’s the “don’t care if my face melts” spirit. Well I’m here to say that it is totally ok with either mindset! Here’s a few tips for both. 

Less is more…

For those who do not feel comfortable wearing anything on their face, let’s remember that we must protect our skin! No matter how dark or light your complexion, keep in mind that all the sunbathing will deteriorate that precious natural collagen- so let’s preserve it. Wear non-comedogenic sunblock. What is non-comedogenic? Basically products that DO NOT clog your pores. Here’s a brief explanation about comedogenic and non-comedogenic products in another article Comedogenic vs. non- comedogenic

My favorite non-comedogenic sunblock is by Cera-Ve (dermatologist recommended), and Sun Bum face stick and body lotion because not only can I use it on myself, but my entire family including my toddler! 

Don’t forget to protect those lovable lips, too. Get lip protection with SPF 15-30. I’ve used lip protection with SPF of 50 and wanted to gag- it was disgusting. The lower the SPF though, the more frequently you’ll need to apply. Get the good stuff, too. Don’t just get waxy or petroleum products. 
Full face 

So let’s say you’re going to the beach, you’re not going to sun-bathe and surf but you may go for a bike ride on the boardwalk and have an ice cream on the sand. 

If you have a few blemishes and spots you’d like to cover up there’s a few things you can do. First and foremost- prep with sunscreen (read above) . You can use a sheer foundation with high pigment like Face and Body from MAC Cosmetics, or you can just spot treat with a concealer like Studio Finish Concealer SPF (don’t forget to blend it out and start with little product and build as this is full coverage). 

If you don’t like shine, I suggest not to use anything too heavy and matte. Being in the sun will warm up the skin, open up those pores, and let the sunshine in…along with sweat, dirt, and product. So be smart about what you’re putting on your face, if you must wear something. To get a no shine look, use Blotting sheets like these from Shiseido. MAC also carries a blotting powder, that has a sheer tint to match your skin. Use water resistant and smudgeproof/waterproof eye products. I like NYX gel liner and waterproof mascara. The wunderbrow product works great too! I don’t need to put a link up for that because I’m sure you’ve seen their ads all over facebook already!

Tinted SPF lip conditioners with blush toned lip liners are great for adding color and completing the sun look. 

What are your favorite beach or sun friendly looks? Any products you would recommend? 


She showed me a pic of a cat- eye… and it came out gorgeous!

Let’s talk about this gorgeous before and after! Look at how happy she is in the final photo!

This look my client was attending a wedding. She showed me pictures of Milk Kunis and Jennifer Lopez with a shimmery cat eye.


First I started with moisturizing her beautiful skin, then applied foundation. She likes a matte finish, so I used Studio Fix Fluid with a finishing of NYX Stay Matte Powder. There were a few choices as to what color of eyeshadows we wanted to use for her look. We ended up using shimmery golds. I used a Kohl pencil in her waterline and around her eye, and brushed it out and up to achieve the feline-shaped eye. This client had a blush toned lipstick to touch up with throughout the night, so I chose that same theme for her lips using “tea and cookies” and “cannes” by NYX within her lip products. The end result was a beautiful natural matte finish with her shimmery/smokey cat eye- perfect for her to attend the evening wedding.

Book NOW through February and receive 20% off services! 

Brrr! It is getting chilly now that we are well into December! The holidays, engagement parties, and annual events are probably all over your calendar right about now. That is why if you book now through February, you will receive 20% off all services including trial, bridal and special event makeup application! Direct message me or send an email to book your application! 

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Recap of Dia De Los Muertos Event…

The Dia de Los Muertos event was so much fun! I met so many awesome people and had a great time painting faces. The event was held at a restaurant in Rockville Centre called Mesita. 

Awesome live music by a band here in Long Island called Mambo Loco, delicious food of course by Mesita (including fresh guacamole and churro stations- yum!) and Modelo tasting! 
This event was so fun for me because not only was I able to get my groove back into application, but I interacted with so many different people from different backgrounds here on Long Island. 

I was so busy that I completely forgot to take photos of my work! I had to do some social media hashtag searching and came across some of the awesome people I met! Yay for social media!