Feeling Beautiful at Girls Rising Game Changer Awards

Co-written by Julie Tortorici

Roslyn, New York


I deal in beauty, every day. Makeovers. New hairstyles. After an appointment with me, I want my clients to look in the mirror and see that they’re beautiful. And while seeing beauty is important, feeling beautiful is vital. That’s why I took my daughter, Madison to the Girls Rising Game Changer Awards. Created by the all-female band, Antigone Rising, Girls Rising was created to help inspire girls and kids in the LGBTQ community to pursue roles in STEAM fields. These women understand that one of the best ways to show a child that they can follow their dreams is by introducing them to people who look the same as them, and are doing exactly what they want to do. They achieve this through outreach workshops and performances. They also throw two incredible parties each year: the Game Changer Awards, where they give out college scholarships to well-deserved high school students, and the Girls Rising Music Festival. 


This year’s Game Changer Honoree was hitmaker singer-songwriter, Paula Cole. I’m a fan, so I was pretty thrilled! Then I was able to watch my daughter sit front and center as Lucy Kaplansky and Sophie B Hawkins performed. She watched Antigone Rising bring down the house (with accompaniment by the North Shore Middle School’s select brass band), Madison was in absolute awe. As a budding percussionist herself, she was particularly impressed by Kristen, or as she referred to her as, “the girl in the sparkly, silver sweater.” 


After the show, Kristen greeted a starstruck Madison and then introduced her to the other performers. It was a night she will never forget! I know, as she practices on her little pink drum set at night, she’s thinking of Kristen, as well as all of the possibilities she’s been awakened to.  

Like I said, feeling beautiful is vital.

Special thanks to Gill Associates Photography for capturing my daughter’s special moment! Although the Girls Rising Festival is over, you can still participate by donating to help uplift self-esteem for other girls within our community.  www.girlsrising.org 


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