Spring Cleaning: For Your Makeup?

It’s that time of year when the sun teases us with somewhat earlier mornings and later evenings, the weather gives us hope of sun-kissed skin, you start to purge the old clothes and odd pieces from your home, and get into a cleaning dust-ridden scrub away frenzy. While all this cleansing is happening from your home and most likely your soul, don’t forget to show attention to your makeup! Here are some ways to clean your tools in your makeup kit.


Cleaning your brushes is so easy and very important! Clean brushes can save you from dirty makeup applications resulting in breakouts and uneven blending (ew). CONFESSION: I like to have that semi-dirty brush for some pretty shading in my crease, BUT ultimately having clean fresh brushes is imperative for a makeup artist. I make sure to prepare and clean my brushes after each and every client. I use liquid brush cleanser. You can purchase some from here (NYX brush cleanser) or here (MAC brush cleanser). These brush cleansers clean and sanitize your brushes and can be used on all kinds, from real hair to synthetic brushes. All you have to do is pour a small amount out on a paper towel or wash cloth, then run your brush back and forth on the cleanser. For extra dirty brushes, just position your brush on the towel and pour the cleanser right on the brush, with a good back and forth motion to follow.
Notice your brush is starting to look like a broom? For high traffic brushes or brushes that haven’t been properly cleaned in a while, take a mild shampoo (preferably a non-sulfate shampoo), wet the brushes in the sink, suds the shampoo amongst the bristles, and rinse until clear. Just make sure to hold the brushes downwards, not letting any water get into the handle. This could compromise the quality and longevity of the brush bristles.

Makeup palettes
Sometimes our palettes can get dusty and not very appealing anymore. Shape it up with a good dusting… wipe your mirror off, and clean the crevices of your palette with q-tips! Everyone can appreciate a clean palette. Same with sharpeners

Product bottles
Product bottles such as moisturizers and setting sprays can get smudgy fingerprints all over them. Wipe them down with a makeup wipe!


Makeup bags
That’s right you guys… clean your makeup bag! Who knows what’s hiding in there from old false lashes to broken powders…. Take all your product out and set it aside. Wipe it down with a quality makeup wipe or q-tip as needed. Some makeup bags can be washable (if so just toss that bad boy on delicate cycle!) if not, then wipe it down with a makeup wipe and soapy wet cloth. Think about what stains are on the bag and fight it with what would remove it on your face; remember, oil breaks down oil!

Once you’ve cleaned and sanitized all your tools, be sure to give them some organization. Weed out the products that are old or that you won’t use anymore. Broken powders that can be salvageable- save those. I’ll explain in another post what you can do with those. Don’t forget about MAC’s recycling program also- turn in old containers to get a free lipstick! Ah, now doesn’t that feel better? Clean, professional products all ready for your next application!


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