Shop Sea Cliff for Valentine’s Day

The idea of Valentine’s Day can be somewhat daunting with regard to the necessity of a particular “Valentine” to share it with. In my experience, Valentine’s Day never lives up to the heightened expectations, no matter what fancy reservation or how big the teddy bear is. I do like this idea though- small businesses showing love to other small businesses, and in turn showing love to their customers. Here’s the deal: the stores on Sea Cliff Avenue in Sea Cliff, NY are joining together in giving discounts to their customers. If you shop at one store, you instantly get a discount at the other stores from February 7-17 (dates may vary for some stores). All you have to do is collect your Valentine card from one of the 10 participating stores once you’ve made your purchase, and continue shopping down Sea Cliff Avenue! The card has a list of the participating stores to make it easy.

What’s more is that on the 14th, Valentine’s Day, some of the stores will have special events or will be open later hours. Salon Solis is having a wonderful event with, myself, giving free lip demos, hors d’oeuvres, biomat sessions, and hair consultations! Kathleen DiResta is showcasing her beautiful jewelry and extending her hours that day. Metropolitan Bistro will have musical guest Josh Epstein playing. The whole block has gifts for everyone (and/or yourself because truly- you deserve it). These are the stores participating: Arata’s Deli, Bart’s Barber Shop, Deja Vu Consignment, Dreams East, Hook Life, K.DiResta Collective, Salon Solis, Sorella Designs, The Village Wine Merchant, and Village Green Antiques. And of course, don’t forget to check our local restaurants if they have any of their own specials and menus such as KC Gallaghers, Metropolitan Bistro, Musu, Oak Room Tavern, Sea Cliff Bistro, Still Partners, B.Browns Deli, and Tavern 227.

So whether you look at February 14th as Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness Day, you can really enjoy the community love here in Sea Cliff. If you haven’t already, definitely experience Sea Cliff Avenue and pop into a store you haven’t already. Make it fun…stop into all 10 of the stores listed on the Valentine card!


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